Thursday, September 2, 2010

SLV School Board To Consider Leaving State Association

The SLVUSD School Board, at their Sept 15 meeting, will consider whether they will continue their membership in the California School Boards Association in the wake of recently uncovered financial discretions involving the executive director of the non-profit association of over 1000 local school boards in the state.

At it's most recent meeting the SLV Board listened to apologies from a pair of spokespersons for the association. SLV Board President George Wylie expressed outrage over revelations that Scott Plotkin had received a $175,000 bonus on top of his $540,000 salary and that he had used his business credit card to draw $11,000 in cash at various casinos.

The CSBA Board of Directors issued a statement on August 17th saying in part:

As part of our internal analysis, we realize now that the decisions made regarding the executive director’s compensation in recent years – while made with the goals of retention and recognition of his past performance and accomplishments on behalf of CSBA – were not consistent with the circumstances our member school districts and county offices of education are currently facing. The Board reviewed the executive director’s compensation incrementally, and determined the level of compensation based on snapshots of information – rather than looking comprehensively at compensation history and the long-term implications.
The CSBA Board also announced several steps they have taken to ensure future accountability. The full statement of the Board can be read at their website.
Mr Plotkin left the Association effective Sept 1.

The matter first came to light as the result of an investigation by Sacramento TV Station KCRA. You can read more and see video reports at their website

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