Thursday, October 10, 2013

CalTrans and County Public Works Agree on Some Hwy 9 Improvements

Supervisor McPherson organized a tour of Hwy 9 from Felton to Boulder Creek for representatives from CalTrans, County Public Works and local community members to try and identify some potential improvements that could be quickly and easily made after hearing from residents about a variety of issues along the Valley's Main Street.

The need for improvements to parking, lighting, crosswalks, safety and signage were discussed and specific examples of places along the corridor that need attention were pointed out by local residents and business owners.

Following the tour, McPherson and his staff worked with state and local agencies and PG&E and came up with a list of improvements they believe can happen "sooner rather than later".

You can read the full letter detailing many of the projects that were identified, who will take responsibility for taking the lead and how you can help.

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