Thursday, October 11, 2012

This Republican Supports Hammer

I have never felt the need to speak out publicly, but I feel out of respect to my community it is time to get involved. The facts are being distorted by Bruce McPherson and the people of the 5th district are far too intelligent to miss the clear misdirection at work. SLV should not accept anything less then honesty and integrity from their representatives.

There is a simple tenant that I use as a guide: Integrity is the essence of all things meaningful and successful. All things good and lasting start with an idea that is intended for what is best for the community, and when people treat each other with honesty and integrity good things happen. Eric Hammer embodies this in his every day interactions.

I have been recently disappointed with some of the claims made by Bruce McPherson. I am a middle of the road republican and I respect people who stand up for their ideals and opinions. Bruce McPherson has shown he will say and do anything and as a result as this election has moved forward I still am not sure what he stands for. Here are the facts:
  1.   As many of you know Bruce McPherson changed his party affiliation to not declared, stating that it was because this is a local election not to be influenced by party politics. If that were the case then why during the June election (republican primary) where more republicans were expected to come out to vote did his party affiliation still remain as republican. Now at the advent of a presidential election in a demographic that is largely democrat, Bruce McPherson immediately flip flopped.    
  2. Two weeks ago Bruce was walking through downtown Boulder Creek and he stated that he was responsible for and helped to restore our Parks. Prior to December 2011, I never saw Bruce anywhere near Boulder Creek. When Eric Hammer and my wife were out getting public input on what people wanted in the park I never saw Bruce. When the planning was approved and announced to the community, I never saw Bruce. When it came time for the work to be done and Eric was leading the 120 strong group of volunteers putting up play structures we never saw Bruce.

Bruce has a lot of state level experience, no question. But state level politics does not translate to local knowledge of the issues. Early on in my pursuit of seeing which candidate I best identified with, I went to the Valley Women’s Club and watched the first forum from 04/11/2012 (you can also view for yourself online at the valley women’s club website) and was surprised at his lack of local knowledge on roads and water.  Since then he has increased his knowledge, but as I went to more of the forums, I was surprised to see that as time progressed, he was personalizing several of the key points Eric Hammer had already clearly stated early on. This job will require local contacts and a high level of energy for which Eric Hammer has shown he has an endless supply.

I am proud of my town. I am proud of our valley. I am constantly impressed with the generosity and depth of its people. We pull together and we respect good and honest values. When I go to the voting booth this November, I will be voting for my community’s future, I will be voting for integrity, and I will be voting for Eric Hammer

Shawn Hamilton
Boulder Creek

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