Thursday, October 4, 2012

Does Bruce McPherson Value Local Voices?

Ben Lomond Businesswoman Expresses Disappointment in McPherson's Absence at Community Meetings  

Judi Sherman asked that I share this letter she wrote after attending a community meeting on prison alignment and the VWC candidates forum in the past week:

Oct 3, 21012
To The Editor:

On September 27th in Ben Lomond, the United Way hosted a workshop to educate and engage the SLV Community on AB109 Prisoner Realignment. The invitation described the event as a way for the community “to work together with our elected officials and decision makers to create a criminal justice system that fosters accountability, dignity and safety for all”. It was informative and inclusive.

I was pleased, but not surprised to see Eric Hammer in attendance given his interest in governing through community engagement. I was seriously disappointed that Bruce McPherson was not there. Mr. McPherson has said that his state connections will be important as we realign resources to counties. But it’s not enough. As County Corrections has demonstrated, community education and input are critical.

Forward to October 2 at a candidates’ forum in Felton; Hammer and McPherson presented their positions. They were followed by the SLV Water Board candidates. Mr. McPherson did not stay for their forum; Eric Hammer was there.

Mr. McPherson has not convinced me that the voice of the community will be a part of his governing approach. I’m voting for Eric Hammer for 5th District Supervisor on Nov. 6th.

Judi Sherman
Ben Lomond

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