Sunday, October 28, 2012

Supports Hammer, "Son of San Lorenzo Valley"

I feel that Bruce McPherson is not good for District 5. I worry that his values are not aligned with ours, but my biggest fear is that he is beholden to his large money donors from outside the District and the County.

After the consistent leadership of Supervisor Mark Stone, we face the choice between Eric Hammer, a son of San Lorenzo Valley, and Bruce McPherson, who has lived in District 5 for mere months.

Eric Hammer has used his time to care for his family, build a successful small business, and to serve us all for years -- on the Board of Mountain Community Resources, expanding its role in Scotts Valley significantly, and in support of small businesses, local parks, schools, fundraising for nonprofits, and more.

I am grateful there is someone I can vote FOR, not just against. Eric Hammer certainly has my vote.

Mark Mullins
Boulder Creek CA

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