Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hammer Works to Find Solutions

I urge you and every 5th District voter to choose Eric Hammer for Supervisor. His knowledge and insight about the issues of concern for our communities, and for the County, is founded on direct experience and life-long interest. He has proven again and again his ability to work with individuals, businesses and organizations to make significant improvements to our lives and to find solutions to difficult problems. Eric has worked for schools and parks, small business and community service organizations and is not beholden to outside interests; his focus and support is local. He doesn’t “owe” anyone.

Understanding the real threats to our environment, water supply, watershed and economy are critical to our community’s well being – and he is committed to positive and productive solutions. We are so lucky he is willing to take on this task, and I hope to see him working for all of us.

Jennifer Hennig
Boulder Creek"

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