Monday, October 29, 2012

McPherson Environmental Credentials Questioned

Don’t count on Bruce McPherson to protect the environment. The Sierra Club, People Power and every member of the SLV Water District Board support Eric Hammer for good reason.

Why question McPherson’s environmental credentials? As editor of the Sentinel, he advocated for the construction of a huge conference center on the coastal bluffs by New Brighton, and for hotels at Lighthouse Point.

As state Senator, the League of Conservation Voters scored his performance a meager 6% one year. His best year was only 53%.  In 2003, McPherson actually voted to abolish the California Coastal Commission, and to defund the California Environmental Protection Agency.

Eric will protect and restore our fragile environment, restore infrastructure and work to restore our local economy.

As an environmentally conscientious local businessperson, I’m asking you to vote for Eric because it’s the right thing to do.

Ken Meshke

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