Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sierra Club Endorses Hammer for County Supervisor

The Press Release from the Eric Hammer Campaign:

Fifth District Supervisor Candidate Eric Hammer
receives endorsement of SIERRA CLUB

Felton, Calif., September 11, 2012 – Eric Hammer, Santa Cruz County Fifth District Supervisor candidate, has received the endorsement of the Sierra Club.

Eric Hammer expressed his appreciation saying “I am incredibly honored to have received this endorsement from one of the leading environmental organizations in this area.  This prestigious endorsement reinforces the reasons that I chose to run for office – to protect our environmental resources, improve county services and strengthen resources for our children and families.”

David Casterson, Vice-Chair of the Santa Cruz Group of the Sierra Club and Chair of the Political Committee, announced the endorsement saying “Many factors are taken into account as described in the Sierra Club guidelines.   In addition to having well thought out pro-environmental positions on a variety of issues facing our county, other factors including electability, community involvement, enthusiasm and vision are considered in making endorsements. We do not take making endorsements lightly and purposely set the bar rather high.”

”Of course Eric has been endorsed by the Sierra Club; he understands the real impacts threatening our watersheds and coast, as well as the County's role regarding land-use, air pollution and water issues" said Nancy Macy, a long time environmentalist from Boulder Creek.

Fred McPherson of the San Lorenzo Valley Water District Board of Directors stated “I can understand why a large environmental organization like the Sierra Club would be impressed with Eric Hammer's qualifications for Fifth District Supervisor and vote to endorse him.  The Fifth District covers most of the San Lorenzo River Watershed and it has many environmental issues (such as roads and siltation, as well as pollution and the riparian ordinance) that affect our surface and groundwater supply and quality, not only for the San Lorenzo Valley, but also for the cities of Scotts Valley and Santa Cruz, which also depend on this watershed for their water supply. ” 

This endorsement was authorized by the California State Sierra Club organization.

Hammer has already been endorsed by many prominent environmentalists including Bill Monning, Fred McPherson, Betsy Herbert and John Leopold.  For a complete list, please visit or for more information, visit his website at http://hammerforsupervisor.com.

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