Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District To Consider Specific SLV Rules for Outdoor Burns

The Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District will consider a staff recommendation to adopt revisions to District Rule 438 (Open Outdoor Fires)  that include changes specific to the San Lorenzo Valley at their meeting in Monterey on Aug 2nd.

The SLV specific rule changes include:

Creation of a Smoke Sensitive Area for the San Lorenzo Valley
Currently, Rule 438 describes a Monterey Peninsula/Carmel Valley Smoke Sensitive Area (SSA). The Rule 438 revisions create a new SSA for SLV. Figure 1 shows the SLV SSA boundary that was based on the County of Santa Cruz general plan map for SLV (map reference: Santa Cruz County GIS staff, numbered 180-07, dated November 2007). The SLV SSA excludes areas within the Scotts Valley Fire Protection District. 
Burning Limits based on Property Size 
The Rule modifications further restrict backyard burning in the SLV to parcels larger than one acre, except in areas where yard waste pick-up is not available. A waiver from the parcel size requirement for the SLV SSA can be granted at the discretion of the District following a site inspection.
Number of permitted burns per burn day 
The Rule modifications limit open burning within the SLV SSA to two per day per fire district, for a total not to exceed 10 permitted backyard burns per day. As stated above, the SLV SSA excludes areas within the Scotts Valley Fire Protection District so the daily permit restriction does not apply to areas under the jurisdiction of the Scotts Valley Fire Protection District.

The entire proposed rule changes can be seen here:

The meeting will be held next Thursday, August 2nd  at 1:30pm in the 3rd floor Board Room at 24580 Silver Cloud Court in Monterey. 


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