Sunday, April 8, 2012

Taking The Fifth:  Candidates To Finally Face Off in Race to Represent SLV

All politics are local and it doesn’t get any more local for San Lorenzo Valley voters than the Performing Arts Center at the High School this Wednesday April 11th between 7 and 9pm.  The event is free and all voters are encouraged to attend and submit questions they would like addressed by the candidates for the 5th District seat on the County Board of Supervisor.

The three remaining active candidates, Brookdale’s Eric Hammer, Lompico’s Bill Smallman and Pasatiempo’s Bruce McPherson; will have the opportunity make their case why we should elect them to serve as our representative for the next four years.  

The three will have an opportunity to distinguish and differentiate themselves as the format requires each candidate to address every issue in turn.  Questions will be solicited from all those present and will be submitted to the candidates by a representative of the League of Women Voter, who along with the Valley Women’s Club has conducted 29 previous forums for local candidates.  Community Television of Santa Cruz will record the event and students from the High School will provide logistical assistance.

While all three gentlemen have been busy walking precincts and meeting voters at coffee houses and private residences; this event will mark the first time they will all be together on a local stage  to address issues posed by local voters.  

Not surprisingly all three have been stressing the need to protect the environment, improve the roads and provide for economic development.  Hopefully this forum will give voters an insight on how they intend to deliver on these priorities if elected and what other views they hold that are important to the residents of the San Lorenzo Valley.

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