Wednesday, November 9, 2011

SLV Water District Announces Online Bill Pay and Auto Pay Options

The SLV Water District now has the option to pay your bill online! Below is the press release announcing the new services.  I went through the registration process, which is pretty straight forward although you will need your account number and PIN which are supposedly on your paper invoice. ( I called the office to get mine.)

I did not sign up for the auto pay program because that requires a paper form to be completed.

Once registered you are told that you need to wait 48 hours before your account information becomes available.

Press Release:

New convenient ways of paying/reviewing water bills are now offered.

San Lorenzo Valley Water District announces new convenient and secure ways for customers to review and pay their water bills. “We learned from a recent customer survey that ONLINE BILL PAY and AUTO PAY 
PROGRAM were the services that customers most wanted. We are pleased to announce that both programs are now in place,” said Karen Alvarez, the District’s Finance Manager. 

The first option, ONLINE BILL PAY, allows customers to access their account information and statements online, and, optionally, to pay a bill online from their bank account or with a credit card. Customers will also be able to track their water consumption. A customer must first register through the District website and provide security information. Once registration is complete, a confirmation will be emailed to the customer, and the customer may begin using ONLINE BILL PAY. 

The second option, AUTO PAY PROGRAM, enables a customer to authorize SLV Water District to automatically deduct, on a regular basis, water bill payments from the customer’s bank account. The customer must first complete and sign an authorization agreement, which is available at the District website. Customers may also request a form by phone or in person at the District office during normal business hours. Once the form is signed and returned to the District, the District will respond in writing. Customers who sign up for the AUTO PAY PROGRAM will continue to receive bi-monthly water bills either through the mail or by email (paperless billing), depending on the customer’s preference. 

“Complete instructions for registration and use of ONLINE BILL PAY and AUTO PAY PROGRAM will be available on the District’s website,” according to Alvarez. “Customers are encouraged to call Customer Service at (831) 338-2153 if they have questions about these new options,” she said. 

San Lorenzo Valley Water District, 13060 Highway 9, Boulder Creek, CA 95006; business hours 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., M-F; CUSTOMER SERVICE telephone: (831) 338-2153; website:; link to ONLINE BILL PAY.

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