Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Public Meeting on Latest Library Proposal Set for Saturday

The Compromise Subcommittee of the Library Joint Powers Board has issued a recommended library model which they say is supported by all its members.  The model maintains the current 10 branch system and increases open hours at the Boulder Creek Library to 35 and the Felton Library to 30 per week over 5 days at each.  Overall the plan increases library open hours system wide by 53%.  The downtown branch and the Scotts Valley branch would be open 7 days a week under the proposal which will be phased in over the next 15 months. The full report is available here (pdf).

Three community meetings regarding the subcommittee proposal are scheduled for Saturday, March 26.  One of the meetings is set for the Felton Fire House between 3:30 and 4:30 PM.

The subcommittee consists of County Supervisor Ellen Pirie, Santa Cruz City Councilmember David Terrazas, Capitola City Councilmember Sam Storey, and Citizen member and Board Chair Barbara Gorson. The subcommittee met over the past five weeks with Santa Cruz City and County staff to develop financial projections.

“It is important to note” the report states “that detailed implementation, staffing and operational plans will be developed once the Board has approved a model. These details will be incorporated into the Library’s annual budget, beginning with fiscal year 2011/12.”

The Library Board will review and make a decision on this library model at the April 4, 2011 Board meeting. The time and place of that meeting has not been set.

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