Monday, August 23, 2010

The Coffis Brothers Back at Don Quixote's

Jamie and Kellen with Friends
In July, a standing room only crowd at Don Quixote’s International Music Hall in Felton listened to singer and songwriter, Jamie Coffis, 24, tell the story of growing up in the San Lorenzo Valley and his encounter with the legendary primate Bigfoot.

Born in the Redwood forest near the tiny town of Ben Lomond, he says that he befriended the legendary creature as a youth. “I had to grow up all alone, I learned to live off the land. I met Bigfoot. He’s a friend of mine.”

Jamie and Kellen, who perform as The Coffis Brothers, have been invited back to Don Quixote’s on Thursday night Aug 26 beginning at 7:30 PM. Tickets are $8 and sales have been brisk.

Their music is described as ”original, organic, and all American” They really have “that brother thing” going on said KPIG’s Sleepy John Sandidge who introduced the pair on his Sunday morning live music show last Spring. They were booked by Tom Miller for a Tues night gig at the venerable Felton music hall where they so impressed that they were brought back for a 4th of July weekend show. It was at this show where they introduced the song “Mountain Man”, with the Bigfoot mention - to wild acclaim.

Their act includes a short set that showcases the vocal blend and songwriting prowess of the brothers - they have written over two dozen original songs and also perform a handful of creatively arranged covers of artists like the Beatles, Everly Brothers, Ray Charles, Tom Petty and more.- Jamie plays keyboards and Kellen plays guitar and harmonica. They are then joined by drummer Henry Chadwick, bassist Mason Hutchinson and guitarist Kyle Poppen for a longer set of songs written with the melodic sensibilities of pop, blues and R&B combined with the emotion and feel of good old fashioned Rock and Roll.

If the packed dance floor at their last DQ show was any indication, they have a strong cross generational appeal. Will Bigfoot be among the dancers Thursday night? The only hint Coffis would provide comes from the song: “I told him he looks much smaller in person; he (Bigfoot) said ‘I get that all of the time.’ ”

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