Monday, April 12, 2010

Mardeen Gordon Restores Second Harvest Mural

Ben Lomond Embroidery artist Mardeen Gordon restored the large mural originally painted by Ralph D'Oliveira in 1979 that hangs at the Second Harvest Food Bank Warehouse.

Pictures of Mardeen at work can be seen here.

According to a posting on the Second Harvest Food Bank Website:
"The mural shows workers in fields of fruits and vegetables as well as other colorful Watsonville-specific details. The painting was accidentally torn and so Gordon, who is a master embroiderer, first repaired the tear before restoring the paint. The mural was originally painted by Ralph D’Oliveira in 1979 when he was part of the Tortuga Patrol, a group of artists who were known for their role in the California Chicano movement. Another well-known painting by this group can be found in the Gilroy Apartments. Incidentally, Ralph and Mardeen were acquainted."

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