Thursday, February 18, 2010

37 SLV Residents Among 30,000 Vying for 14 Seats on Redistricting Commission

You can see the thirty seven San Lorenzo Valley residents who are among the over 30,700 applications submitted for consideration to become one of 14 members of the Citizens Redistricting Commission by following the link.

28 men and 9 women from SLV were among a total of 346 applicants from Santa Cruz County. They now need to complete a supplemental application with essay questions and letters of reference by early April.

A three member panel from the California State Auditor's office is responsible for whittling the pool by Oct. 1 to 60 finalists – 20 Democrats, 20 Republicans and 20 from neither party.

State legislative leaders can strike up to eight names and the Auditor's office will randomly pick eight remaining applicants who will choose the final six members by the end of the year.

The new commission is the result of Californians passing the Voters FIRST Act at the November 2008 general election. The commissioners are required to define the geographic boundaries for 80 Assembly districts, 40 Senate districts, and four State Board of Equalization districts so that they contain reasonably equal populations. Congressional Districts are not included in the new commissions responsibilities.

The process for determining the districts and coming to a final agreement must occur in an 8 ½ month period that starts January 1, 2011, and ends September 15, 2011, with the presentation of the final maps to the Secretary of State for certification.

Next fall, voters may be asked to reconsider the whole matter. Petitions are being circulated now for ballot measures which would ask voters to make the commission responsible for congressional boundaries as well as one that would scrap the commission and return the job of redistricting to the legislature and Governor.

For more information check out the State Auditor's web site.

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