Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Santa Cruz, CA January 5, 2017  After several months of discussion and planning a local trade association of cannabis related businesses has formed in Santa Cruz.  Green Trade™ Santa Cruz , is launching at a public event on Tuesday January 10th, 6pm at the Old Freight Building in Depot Park, Santa Cruz.

Businesses, organizations and individuals intending to operate in compliance with local and state regulations are being invited to join together to promote and foster a safe, legal, environmentally responsible and socially conscious cannabis industry.

Green Trade™ will operate as an advocacy and trade association, promoting the positive economic, social and therapeutic benefits of cannabis in general and Santa Cruz cannabis in particular.

Santa Cruz has been blessed with a long and rich cannabis history, our reputation for high quality and innovative practices will make us a leader in the new post prohibition era.” said Pat Malo, Executive Director of the new organization.

Malo, 35 is a lifelong local resident and was a respected and outspoken member of the County’s Citizen’s Committee on Cannabis (C4) and the co-founder and leader of the Cannabis Advocates Alliance (CAA) the county’s largest cannabis advocacy organization that includes patients, caregivers and producers.

The CAA will continue to exist to support the rights of patients as well as those shut out of the new legal landscape.” he said.  Green Trade™ will focus on the shared interests of Santa Cruz area businesses and organizations who have chosen to enter into the regulated marketplace, from research and cultivation to processing, distribution and sales.”

Over a dozen local businesses representing a variety of sectors have signed on as Founding Members and more are expected before Tuesday’s event which kicks off a membership drive.  

Malo is joined in the venture by Jim Coffis a retired business consultant, Attorney Trevor Luxon and CPA Naseem Nangoli.

More information is available at their website: GreenTradeSantaCruz.org or by emailing info@GreenTradeSantaCruz.org.

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