Friday, September 23, 2016

County Cannabis Czar Named, Cultivation Registration Program Revamped

Online Registration Program Back Live With Anonymous Option, Lower Fee

Daniel W. Peterson, a water resources engineer for Yuba County (pop 73,000) will become the first Santa Cruz County Cannabis Licensing Official it was announced today. He is expected to begin work in mid-October.   

He will oversee the newly created Cannabis Licensing Division "including staff management, community outreach and coordination with state regulators."  

In a prepared statement County Administrative Officer Susan Mauriello is quoted as saying  “Throughout the hiring process, Mr. Peterson stood out as someone ready to work with neighbors, growers and patients to strike a balance and achieve a medical cannabis regulatory system that works well for everyone in Santa Cruz County.”

According to the County spokesman, Jason Hoppin, Peterson worked for CalTrans and Sutter County before his current job in the Yuba Department of Public Works.

“I am humbled by and excited about this opportunity to work with the County of Santa Cruz to navigate the complexities of a unique regulatory environment. I look forward to being a part of this team and helping to develop a program that best serves the interests of all members of the community while maintaining a positive path toward the future," Peterson said according to the County press release.

He is said to be familiar with Santa Cruz County’s current regulatory environment and how it relates to the state and the activities of other California counties in this emerging area of law.

Meanwhile major revisions to the County’s Cannabis Cultivation Registration Process went into effect today.  Applicants can now open an account online without having to identify themselves or their location.  

The County is encouraging everyone who wishes to operate in the regulated market in the future to register  ”... even if they think at this time their site might not qualify for licensing under the proposed ordinance so that you can preserve your ability to apply for a license.”

The account creation page has been changed to allow cultivators to register using only an email address, a username and a password. You will not have to provide your name, address, APN or cultivation site information in order to set-up an account and you will have the option to opt out of providing this information on the registration form as well.

You will need to pay $500 and complete and upload the registration form by midnight Nov 6 to be eligible for licensing in the future.

Those wishing to provide all of the requested identifying information can still do so.  A new process, separate from the registration, will begin sometime in November at which time registrants can choose to identify themselves and their parcel, complete additional forms and pay $2500 to receive feedback and consultation from County staff regarding readiness for licensing.  

Anyone wishing to register should go here:

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Theryl McCoy said...

It sound like Susan Mauriello is having trouble enticing current cultivators to register for HER version of a cultivation ordinance. Perhaps take Caput's advice and spread cultivation throughout the county instead of concentrating it on a few big parcels. Why on earth would the supervisors choose HER cultivation ordinance and reject the recommendations of the Cannabis Cultivation Choices Committee; a county supervisor appointed group that spent countless hours discussing ALL of the issues surrounding cultivation?

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