Thursday, August 25, 2016

Major Revisions Made to County Cannabis Registration Program

Saying her goal was to “make this work for everyone” County CAO Susan Mauriello directed her staff to significantly reduce the paperwork required for cultivators to register their intent to seek a license from the County.

The $3500 registration fee will also likely be reduced to reflect less cost to the county to process.

Among the changes will be an elimination of the Live Scan and the very detailed background information request as well as a number of the other forms that were originally included in the August 8 roll out. A new registration form is being finalized and should be available by the end of the month.  Deadline for registration remains November 6.

Mauriello emphasized that much of the information sought was for the purpose of establishing a baseline of data for use in determining the potential environmental impact of the proposed new ordinance.  In addition she said the county’s goal was to provide applicants with information about the new rules so that they could ensure they were in compliance or begin to work on becoming compliant to be eligible for local licensing in time to seek a state license when they become available in 2018.

“Cultivators need to understand that there may be a number of hurdles they will need to overcome in order to obtain a local license and we want to give them the time and information they need to be ready.”  said Mauriello.  

While admitting that things will be probably be “a little weird” for a year - cultivators need to remain compliant with the existing 99 plant ordinance even as they submit applications for operations under a new proposed ordinance - Mauriello encouraged anyone who is eligible and considering becoming a licensed cultivator in the future to register.  “We are not going to deny anyone a registration.  We will tell them where they may be deficient or if they need to move their operation.”

A number of workshops to answer questions and assist cultivators with the registration process will be held throughout the County including one in Felton on Wednesday, September 7 between 4:00 – 5:30 pm at the Community Hall.

Contact Jim Coffis ( for more information.

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Theryl McCoy said...

I don't understand why Susan Mauriello and the Board of Supervisors completely disregarded the recommendations made by the Cannabis Cultivation Choices Committee. This committee spent hours and hours discussing cultivation issues and voted on recommendations - only to be thrown out by Susan Mauriello

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