Monday, November 9, 2015

The Santa Cruz County Cannabis Cultivation Choices Committee (C4) Meeting Number 9

Jim Coffis

The C4 will begin the nuts and bolts work of creating recommendations to present to the Board of Supervisors at their next meeting Tuesday 9am at the Simpkins Center.

After spending most of their last meeting hearing from representatives from Community Prevention Partners on issues affecting youth and adolescents the group decided to begin focusing on reaching consensus around specific recommendations they can present to the Board of Supervisors.

The Committee has previously agreed to try and establish a framework which would provide for local licensing but they will spend their next four meetings trying to hammer out the specific parameters for such a program like where and how large such operations ought to be as well as what restrictions they would like to see imposed.

The passage of legislation in Sacramento establishing the framework for state licensing has created a greater sense of urgency for local jurisdictions to act.  On October 23rd Supervisors Leopold and McPherson requested the full board hold a public hearing on December 8th to consider an interim ordinance to license the commercial cultivation of medical cannabis.  

They’ve asked the C4 to provide recommendations for their consideration.  

No specific recommendations have yet come out of the Committee and while the 13 members have generally seemed positive about their ability to reach consensus, some have questioned whether they can do so on the existing timeline.  

It’s expected that the committee could focus on at least these issues tomorrow:

  • Repealing the current county ordinance that bans all commercial medical cannabis cultivation or processing. (7.126.030)
  • Defining the types of commercial cultivation operations
  • Determining the size(s) to be allowed and how that will be measured
  • Determine whether there should be total restrictions in any parts of the county
  • Determine whether product can be sold outside of the county
  • Determine who should get licenses, under what conditions and who will issue them

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