Wednesday, February 6, 2013

McPherson Proposes To Dust Off Town Plans

News Release from the office of Supervisor Bruce McPherson:

A generation ago, Felton residents gathered to talk about their favorite places and experiences in town and contributed their ideas and visions for the future of Felton.  That community participation process, coordinated with an analysis of pedestrian and traffic patterns, was developed into a town plan with a wish list of projects and goals.

A few years later, similar processes were repeated in the neighboring communities of Boulder Creek and Ben Lomond.

Many of the ideas proposed in the town plans have come to fruition; many have not.  Fifth District Supervisor Bruce McPherson is asking residents to dust off their town plans, or read them for the first time, and meet to talk about what projects should be next.

McPherson has proposed three town meetings:  the first in Boulder Creek in February, the second in Ben Lomond in March, and the third in Felton in April.  The Boulder Creek meeting will be on Tuesday, February 26, 2013, at 7:00 p.m. at Boulder Creek Elementary School in the Multipurpose Room.

Supervisor McPherson, County Economic Development Director Barbara Mason, and County Planning Department Director Kathy Previsich will facilitate the discussions. 

Participants will be able to meet in small groups to put forward ideas about next possible projects.

Felton's Town Plan, adopted in 1987, was the first plan adopted in the San Lorenzo Valley.  Many of the projects included in the Felton plan have been completed, including a new park (Covered Bridge Park) and a farmer's market.  But angled parking, wider sidewalks, and pedestrian connections have not been achieved.

The Ben Lomond Town Plan, adopted in 1990, envisioned a river walk, traffic improvements, and streetscape projects, many of which have been completed.  However, pedestrian links to the town center have not been completed.

Boulder Creek's Town Plan, adopted in 1992, emphasized the desire to retain the unique character of the town while allowing expanded commercial services in the town core, providing more activities, and improving recreational facilities.  Boulder Creek's plan also called for angled parking in part of the downtown area along Central Avenue.             

For those without computer access, a limited number of copies of each of the town plans have been provided by Supervisor McPherson.  Copies of the Boulder Creek Town Plan are available at the Boulder Creek Library and Boulder Creek Hardware.  Copies of the Felton Town Plan are available at Liberty Bank.  Copies of the Ben Lomond Town Plan are available at Coffee Nine.  The town plans are also available online by visiting Supervisor McPherson's webpage:

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Be nice to have Ben Lomond Market clean up the corner buildings or better yet MOVE YOUR STUFF OUT and let's open another restaurant for our little downtown!

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