Tuesday, October 30, 2012

McPherson Campaign Gets Down and Dirty

Bruce McPherson sent out his most sleazy mass mailing to date. The slick double sided 8 x 10 piece does not even bother to say “Vote for McPherson”, although in very small print we are told it's printed "locally".

On one side, in large, bold letters,  it says his opponent  “...won’t tell the truth” (regarding whether or not he knows the alleged “Republican” sticker vandal.)  The other side claims that Hammer ”Lied to get business”, “ Lied to get your vote”, “Lied to watch your money” and “Lied about his education”  (regarding whether Hammer claimed to have a degree or not on his business website. an online web directory, or on a volunteer application form.)

This, evidently, is a demonstration of the “experience” Mr McPherson gained during his 20 plus years in politics.  A loser in his last two elections for Secretary of State and Lt Governor, the former state legislator is not embarrassed to pull out all the stops in his quest for a County Board seat. He recently posted a video where he says  “this is not some political game to me.”   Apparently not, this is a dead serious business,  I wonder what he has planned for the final weekend.

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Julie Horner said...

Pure pond scum, and perfect timing arriving in my Boulder Creek mailbox on Halloween. Shame on you McFEARson! He's counting on SLV residents to be fickle, afraid, and uneducated. My vote, with resounding resolve, is with Eric Hammer.

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