Saturday, October 20, 2012

In Praise of Eric Hammer

Boulder Creek Community Volunteers Ken and Nancy Macy on Eric Hammer:

Eric Hammer is remarkable. His volunteer community service is life-long. His decades of volunteer leadership continue to serve the environment, children, teens, schools, local business, parks and social services.

Eric built a superior construction business with high standards of performance and respect for the environment – he’s an exemplary employer and handles enormous jobs with facility – and is committed to improving and streamlining the County’s Planning Department’s procedures.

Eric is dedicated to the preservation and protection of our watersheds and coast. He is a great family man glowing with pride and love for his wife and children. He has a generosity of spirit enabling him to work with all kinds of people. He is a problem solver. He does a superior job, not just a good job. We need him as our Supervisor. Now.

Most sincerely,
Nancy and Ken Macy
Boulder Creek

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