Sunday, February 12, 2012

Taking The Fifth: McPherson Touts Connections, Experience

Claiming he had a “wealth of experience and a whole bunch of contacts to get the services we need” Bruce McPherson met with family, friends and supporters Sunday afternoon at Scopazzi’s in Boulder Creek to make the case for his candidacy for for County Supervisor.

The event was billed as a “Meet and Greet” and former BC fire chief, Sam Robustelli introduced McPherson to a crowd of about 60 by saying McPherson “loves this county and we’ve already paid for his education”.

After thanking organizers Geri Zaballos, Emily Cress, Paul Locatelli and Robustelli; Mc Pherson explained that after the realignment of the supervisors district, people came to him urging him to run. He said he had only one question which he directed to his wife, Mary and when she said yes he decided to get in the race.

Saying he is “not running against anybody.”  McPherson said all 6 candidates shared the same concerns about the need to improve our roads, ensure adequate public safety, and protect the environment.  He believes he will make the best Supervisor because he will listen before he speaks.  

Repeating a theme he’s adopted since he first expressed his intention to seek the office, he said he will be bi-partisan.  “This office is non-partisan, it’s five Supervisors working together.”

“Some of you are Democrats, some Republicans, I don’t care.  I believe God gave me two ears and one mouth for a reason.  I want to listen to what you want.”

He spoke about how he had been spending a lot of time knocking on doors throughout the district.  “This is a big district.  I’ve been learning a lot.  When you’re walking down a long driveway and hear three dogs barking I learned I can still run fast.”

He spoke of his families long history in the county, his own 21 years with the Santa Cruz Sentinel and the chance that an election to the Board of Supervisors would allow him to come home from the office and sleep in his own bed, a reference to the 14 years he spent in Sacramento as an assemblyman, senator and Secretary of State..

In response to questions McPherson said that the condition of the roads was something that needs to be addressed.  “For the last 30 years roads have not been a priority.  We have a lot of catching up to do. It’s a frightful situation to consider what we would do in a disaster and the roads are important for our local economy.  With 600 miles of roads in the unincorporated area of the county,  we will have to make a decision to make them a priority.”

McPherson sympathized with another questioner who was critical of the planning department but said that he believed the problem was with the process not the codes.  “There seems to be an attitude problem.  We need to look at the process” he  said.

McPherson said he would probably make arrangements to spend one or two afternoons a week in satellite offices around the district.

Although he turned 68 in January, McPherson said he was “energized” and promised he would win the election. “I won’t let you down.”

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