Monday, September 12, 2011

SLV High Sweeps Prestigious Meet on the Big Island

The SLV High boys and girls cross country teams returned to class today with lots of memories, a bunch of medals and two course records. Nearly two dozen Cougar runners competed on a grassy course in the foothills outside of Hilo winning both individual and team titles in the Varsity division at the King Kamehameha Invitational Meet on Saturday. They added an individual first and a team second in the open division
On the girls side sophomore Anna Maxwell added to her elite status by setting a new course record in 17:54:36 while leading her team to a first place finish in the girls varsity division. Claire MacMillan, Jessica Jensen, Abby Sherman, Jessica Germany, Hyllery Hershberger and Emily Lamb joined Maxwell on the victory stand. SLV entered a complete second team in the open division and Katrina Luque, Jen Housek, Raquel Yeomans, Adela Weigel, Michaela Sanchez and Mariah Lindberg combined to bring home the silver medal.
In the boys races, Senior Nick Hicks held off teammate Junior Cody Johnson as both runners shattered the previous course record finishing 1-2. The boys easily won the team title with 4 finishers in the top 5. Landis MacMillan, Jacob Hicks, Branden Caldwell, Matt Abernathy and James Spriggs rounded out the Cougar Varsity gold medalists. In the boys open division Stephen Bracken took first place and Karl Johnson finished fourth.

Here are the times and finish place for the Cougars:

Girls Varsity:

1 Maxwell, Anna 17:54.36
5 MacMillan, Claire 19:38.70
12 Jensen, Jessica 20:28.98
14 Sherman, Abby 20:37.12
16 Germany, Jessica 20:44.73
18 Hershberger, Hyllery 20:54.39
38 Lamb, Emily 22:23.87

Boys Varsity:

1 Hicks, Nick 16:16.15
2 Johnson, Cody 16:21.31
4 MacMillan, Landis 17:04.64
5 Hicks, Jacob 17:21.89
14 Caldwell, Branden 18:24.05
16 Abernathy, Matt 18:29.62
18 Spriggs, James 18:34.39

Open Boys:

1 Stephen Bracken 18:46:39
4 Karl Johnson 19:57:45

Open Girls:

3 Katrina Luque 21:46:.31
5 Jen Housek 22:38:12
6 Raquel Yeomans 22:42:94
7 Adela Weigel 22:51:96
13 Michaela Sanchez 23:42.06
15 Mariah Lindberg 23:50:74

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