Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Santa Cruz Experience More of City Thing

Photo: Santa Cruz Weekly

Evidently ‘the Santa Cruz Experience” does not extend to the San Lorenzo Valley.  With a couple of exceptions no SLV establishments cracked the top three in any of the hundreds of categories in an annual readers survey of a local tabloid.

The Santa Cruz Weekly (formerly known as the Metro and this week known as SCW) is out with their “Gold” awards issue where they pass out blue ribbons and brown squares in all manner of categories from “Best Athlete” to “Best Waxing”.  According to the intro it represents the “collective wisdom” of their readers and provides  “the perfect guide to the Santa Cruz experience”.

The Valley’s lone winner was Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park which came out on top of Wilder Ranch and Nisene Marks for best state park.   Third place mentions went to The Boulder Creek Brewery for best micro-brewery and Ben Lomond’s  Rosemary Chalmers for radio personality.

To be accurate some SLV businesses will be able to display the award - a nifty stylized Tom Scribner derby hat drawn by local artist Jim Phillips - on their ads.  New Leaf, Bay Federal Credit Union, Taqueria Vallarta and Ace Hardware (better known around here as Scarborough) all got listed in various categories by virtue of having an SLV presence among their multiple locations.

Felton’s Redwood Pizzeria and Ben Lomond neighbors Mountain Feed and Supply and the Tyrolean Inn got “Editors’ Picks” for “Best Virtuous Pizza”,  “Best Place to Get Off the Grid” and “Best Beer Garden” respectively but in what could be considered one more slight, the editors pick for “Best Tree” was the Eucalyptus!

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