Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fate of Felton Library To Be Determined

The Final Report of the Task Force formed in June 2010 to study and recommend service models to the Library Joint Powers Board proposes four options for the future of the Library System and only one of the four  would retain Felton as a full fledged branch.  In two of the models the Felton branch would be shut completely while a fourth option calls for a "library/community" partnership.

The Boulder Creek branch survives in three of the four models and would become a partnership in the fourth.

The report (available here) runs 117 pages and details each of the proposals with staffing and service levels as well as a benefits and risks statement associated with each.

Comments may be submitted through the Task Force Blog, through an online comment form, or they may be made directly to members of the Library Joint Powers Board.

Felton resident, Nancy Gerdt - a longtime member of the Felton Library Friends and Supervisor Mark Stone are two of nine members of the Library Joint Powers Board who will have to choose from the four proposals at meetings scheduled Monday, February 7, Monday February 14, and Monday February 28 (if needed). These meetings will be held at the Louden Nelson Community Center and are all scheduled for 6:30-8:30pm.

The Felton Library Friends website has a summary of the four proposals as well as information on how you can help support the Felton branch.


JC said...

From the Sentinel Article by J.M. Brown

Michele Mosher, treasurer of the Felton Library Friends, a fundraising and advocacy group that formed in 2002 when the branch was threatened with closure, said supporters will urge the board to approve Model C. That plan spares all sites and fully staffs them, but it is the most expensive, costing an estimated $340,000 more every year than the least expensive, Model D, which closes four sites.

“I feel like the library system has an obligation to serve all its constituents,” she said. “I’m not sure why the board members would vote to close branches when Model C proposes keeping all 10 branches open without depending on volunteers.”

Aoibheall said...

The Joint Powers Board meeting on Monday, February 7th, will both lay out the different proposals and give time for public comments. Last year, San Lorenzo Valley residents showed up to another JPB meeting in force and let their voices be heard, resulting in better SLV representation on the task force. I would encourage everyone who values our libraries to attend the meeting on the 7th and let the Board know that you're paying attention and you care about the outcome.

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