Sunday, February 13, 2011

Crucial Library Meeting Monday Night

From the Felton Library Friends:

We strongly urge you to attend a c
rucial Library Board Meeting tomorrow, Monday February 14, 6:30 P.M., Santa Cruz City Council Chambers (809 Center St). Note: Location incorrectly stated in the Sentinel as Louden Nelson Center.
Today’s Santa Cruz Sentinel has four articles that together provide an excellent picture of where things stand regarding branch closures. They include an important spotlight on Measures B and R, which promised voters that small branches would be protected and a new library in Felton would be built. The articles are the result of much research and many interviews on the part of reporter J.M. Brown and others at the newspaper.
Although the articles suggest the possibility of a delay in the vote, whatever happens, the meeting tomorrow night will be an important one for the entire Library system, and especially for Felton and three other threatened branches. A large turnout is very important to insure that our voices are heard and to support Board members who are committed to protecting the small branches.

In addition, Model C supporters have created a document that corrects misinformation and clarifies aspects of the ten-branch model. A PDF is available for viewing at
Be sure to attend tomorrow night's meeting and insure that our voices are heard! There will be an opportunity for brief comments from the public.
With thanks to all who have contacted Board members, Santa Cruz City Council members, and who have attended the previous meetings.
On Valentine's Day, Show Your Love for Libraries, and their Place in Our Communities!Felton Library Friends

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