Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SLV Coach Doug Morris Ranks High in CCS

SLV High Football coach Doug Morris is fourth on the list of winningest active coaches in the Central Coast Section. Coach Morris ranks 15th on the list of career wins among all coaches in the CCS going back to the 1950's.  (Number 3 among active coaches is former SLV and current Palo Alto High School coach Earl Hansen.)

The Cougar's coach is far and away the leader among active coaches in the County and trails only Dewey Tompkins in career wins in the SCCAL.

Morris has 169 wins in 22 seasons. Former Soquel coach Tompkins had 187 wins in his 32 years at the helm of the Knights and former Holy Cross and Marello Prep coach Norm Costa had 253 wins in his 36 years of coaching although most of his wins came in 22 seasons at Palma.

Los Gatos Coach Butch Cattolico with 239 wins is the leader among active coaches and former Saratoga coach Benny Pierce amassed 269 wins in 34 years and holds the record for most wins by a CCS coach according to records compiled by Don Nash and John Spalding and published by Dennis Knight in his After School Blog for the Mercury News.

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