Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Felton Treasure Also Trendy

One of the San Lorenzo Valley Treasures is Felton's Renee Shepherd of Renee's Garden. She is quoted extensively in an article appearing in today's (2/17/10) SF Chronicle and also featured in SFGate the online home of the paper.

The article by Sophia Markoulakis cites research showing that more than a third of households plan on expanding their food gardens this year and questions whether food trends follow seed trends or vice a versa.

Shepherd says she selects seeds based on "customer feedback, what I like to eat, and what's successful in the garden."

Among the "trendy" vegetable seeds cited were these from Renee's Garden : 'Spanish Padron' peppers
'Amsterdam' seasoning celery and
'Sweetie Baby' romaine container lettuce.

If you're not already following the happenings at Renee's Garden on Facebook you should check out her blog or social network. You can order seeds online or by phone 888-880-7228

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